The Grand Folkestone
The Grand is a magnificent suite hotel on The Leas in Folkestone
"indisputably the finest marine promenade in the world"


Folkestone Collections

rebranded Folkestone Art Trust (FAT)
following South East Summer Exhibition in 2011

The organisation was established in 2009 to safeguard and retain Folkestone’s artistic heritage in the locality.

The impetus for its formation stemmed from the closure of the Metropole Gallery and the proposal to dispose of the collection of paintings and other art works of local interest built up since it opened in 1961.

Many of the works are by Royal Academicians associated with the town, some of whom are now highly regarded.

The Metropole Gallery had been well supported by a substantial body of Friends, but their number had become sadly depleted.   It was the rump of the membership that was determined to retain the collection assiduously built up under the guidance of its original curator, Prof John Eveleigh, and the patronage of Sir Kenneth Clark, latterly Lord Clark.   He had been Director of the National Gallery and was famed for his BBC1 ‘Civilisation’ series.

The Metropole Arts Centre Trust Ltd had changed its name to the Creative Foundation and concentrated on developing the Creative Quarter to regenerate the depressed harbour area of the town; although it is a major patron of new work, its historic collections are no longer a core part of its activity.   However, rather than dispose of the existing collection, it was agreed that the works be removed to The Grand and the Friends of the Folkestone Collections would arrange periodic exhibitions for the time being.

It was also intended that other collections, should they become available, could be incorporated within the organisation.Back to Top

Carel Weight

The painting depicted on this page is Carel Weight’s ‘Battersea Park Tragedy', one of the renowned works in the collection;  the artist taught at the Adult Education Centre in The Metropole.   It was used as the cover for the Friends’ first newsletter,which gives the background to the formation of the group, those involved and its proposed constitution, subsequently adopted. It is now displayed in The Grand.





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South East Summer Exhibition
July 2011 SESE
7 Chinies Posters April 2011 Newsletter March 2011
6 Creative Foundation
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5 Political Cartoons June 2010 Newsletter May 2010
4 Japanese Prints April 2010 Newsletter March 2010
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Friends Committee & Sponsors

Friends of the Folkestone Collections

Inaugural committee 2009

  • Pat McMath Chairman
  • Mike Umbers Vice Chairman
  • Anne Charlier Secretary
  • Ron Lewis Treasurer
  • John Eveleigh
  • Alec Perry
  • Michael Stainer
  • Patsy Baker

Subsequent recruits

  • Briony Kapoor
  • Brian Oxley
  • Ian Barker
  • Betty Elzea
  • Jackie Parsons
  • Carol Lewis Membership Secretary
  • Fran Addison Minutes Secretary



  • Roger De Haan Charitable Trust - Inaugural funding £1,000, SESE £5,000
  • Creative Foundation -£2,000
  • Folkestone Town Council - picture loans + £2,500
  • Cllr Roland Tolputt - Kent County Council £500
  • Tory Family Foundation - £500
  • Kent County Council - picture loans & restoration
  • Shepway District Council - picture loans & restoration
  • Folkestone Art Society - use of screens
  • The Grand - accommodation
  • Shepherd Neame - prizes
  • Earl of Radnor & Folkestone Estate - prizes
  • Michael Stainer - prizes
  • Briony Kapoor - prizes


For 2012 onwards see new Folkestone Art Trust website.

Newsletters 2012
Newsletters 2009

Newsletter September 2009

Newsletter July 2009
Newsletter March 2009

Friends’ first newsletter which contains:

  • Background to formation of the Friends’ group
  • Details of the first meeting held on 26th February 2009
  • Initial members of the Steering Committee, with contact details
  • The Constitution, subsequently adopted..


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